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SoFi captures metered energy data and transforms them into insights that help you improve your enterprise energy efficiency. Using powerful performance management tools, SoFi enables you to identify energy cost savings in your operations and supply chain.

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Understanding your energy consumption patterns and planning for electricity use in the future are still key challenges in energy management today. Data often resorts in disparate IT systems and spreadsheets. Energy managers and sustainability professionals are also lacking tools to forecast consumption and calculate the return on investment for energy efficiency projects.

SoFi Software Solutions for Energy Management

SoFi software solutions help you meet your energy targets and increase efficiency by automating energy data capture from meters and IT systems and aggregating large amounts of high-frequency data. SoFi software also features advanced forecasting and project management tools to build and verify a strong business case for your energy management program.

  • Automate data collection from your ERP and meters with intelligent APIs/ Webservice
  • Quickly capture energy and resource consumption data manually with intuitive web forms, file upload, pre-built workflows and automatic unit conversions
  • Analyze and benchmark energy performance for sites, locations, business units and roll-up performance for the entire organization
  • Plan, monitor and evaluate ROI for energy efficiency projects
  • Forecast energy performance using big data analytics

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