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SoFi is a secure enterprise platform for the sustainability assessment, ranking and reporting of suppliers. SoFi lets you include sustainability key performance indicators in the supplier selection process and enables you to drive efficiency and cost reductions in your supply chain.

SoFi Software for Corporate Sustainability

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More and more organizations are starting programs to assess the sustainability performance of their suppliers because of the associated risks to company reputation and sourcing security. But the complexity of global supply chains presents major challenges to ensuring supplier compliance with international social and environmental standards. Therefore, supplier engagement and collaboration are crucial to protecting brands and securing a competitive advantage.

thinkstep Consulting Expertise for Sustainable Supply Chain

thinkstep’s experienced practitioners are using proven methodologies and tools to help you map and assess suppliers along multiple environmental and social indicators. In a first step, we can also support you with a value chain screenings using the leading GaBi product LCA databases to identify hotspots and risks. Next, we develop strategies for building stronger relationships with your suppliers, understanding their processes and identifying opportunities and innovation potential.

SoFi Software Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains

With the SoFi software solution you can extend sustainability reporting and performance management to your value chain. Engage and collaborate with your suppliers on a central platform to assess their current sustainability performance and share benchmarks and best practices to drive sustainability improvements and efficiency.

  • Analyze your supply chain and identify hotspots
  • Benchmark your suppliers’ performance and provide individual feedback reports
  • Share best practices throughout your supply chain
  • Track improvements with supplier score cards
  • Manage supplier audits and follow-up action

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