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SoFi Enterprise is the premier sustainability software for complex organizations to integrate performance management in their operations and value chain. This highly flexible, collaborative platform becomes the single source for sustainability performance metrics with automated data capture, validation and reporting.

SoFi Enterprise includes powerful performance analytics, planning and project management tools as well as industry-leading content libraries for benchmarking and best practice projects reducing your impact. The comprehensive capabilities of SoFi Enterprise enable targeted action for sustainable growth. Use SoFi for:


Speed up data capture, validation and reporting.

Comply with Environmental Management standards (ISO 14001/ 50001, EMAS) and EH&S regulation.

Integrate performance management and advance your sustainability reporting.

Identify opportunities to reduce emissions and cut down energy and resources use.

Connect the organization and engage your people and your value chain.

Configure the solution for your unique processes, requirements and organizational set-up.




Data Capture & Reporting

  • Automated data capture from ERP systems and meters
  • Includes the latest certified GRI and CDP questionnaires
  • Includes the latest industry standards for reporting to SASB
  • Auto-complete disclosure for sustainability reporting standards like CDP, GRI, DJSI, GRESB and more
  • 100.000 greenhouse gas factors with auto-up-dates to the  database and calculations
  • Customized workflows, user controls and reporting templates

Analytics & Performance Management

  • Configurable KPIs and targets for sites, business units, regions or the entire organization
  • 130.000 best practice projects to share in your organization and your value chain
  • 15.000 industry benchmarks
  • Project portfolio planning
  • Audit management & incident reporting
  • Supplier scorecards and product Life Cycle Assessment
  • Powerful forecasting and big data analytics 

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