Up your game on stakeholder engagement for materiality assessment with SoFi Software

Find out what's most important to your stakeholders

Comply with the guidelines from GRI, SASB and IIRC

Rapidly collect stakeholder survey data

Ensure data quality and accuracy

Obtain insights for your sustainability strategy and reporting

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SoFi Software for materiality assessment

New sustainability reporting guidelines require businesses to conduct a materiality assessment.SoFi Software for materiality assessment is the first GRI G4 and SASB certified cloud-solution which helps you identify and prioritize sustainability aspects.
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Includes complete issue lists from GRI G4 or SASB

Web-based stakeholder surveys and intuitive, pre-built workflows

Response status dashboard

Easy-to-use yet powerful analytics such as materiality matrix and stakeholder response comparison

Track stakeholder survey results over time

Keep your data for up to 3 years even if your account is inactive

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