SoFi CDP Reporting Software

SoFi CDP is the professional, ready-to-go software solution for carbon management and reporting from the thinkstep experts.

Data collection is fast, reporting is simple and it puts highly accurate, audit-proof carbon performance indicators at your fingertips to share internally and externally with rating organizations, investors and customers. SoFi CDP also helps you easily identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and energy use.


SoFi software was the first solution certified for carbon reporting by CDP and thinkstep has been an accredited CDP Gold Partner since 2009.


Comply with mandatory greenhouse gas reporting regulation and voluntary standards.

Speed up data capture, validation, audit and reporting.

Improve your ratings in sustainability rankings and indexes.

Identify opportunities to reduce emissions and cut down energy and resources use.

Get started with professional carbon reporting within 48 hours.





Data Capture & Reporting



  • Includes the latest certified CDP questionnaire and report template
  • Web data input, file upload & export, pre-built workflows, automatic unit conversions
  • Data validation and audit tools
  • 100.000 greenhouse gas factors with auto-up-dates to the database and calculations
  • Sustainability analytics and benchmarking for any hierarchy level (sites, locations, business units, entire organization)
  • Executive dashboards
  • Collaborative report creation with user-specific access, dashboards and task management
  • Report sharing directly in the system or export for email and print
  • Ad-hoc live reports with intuitive drag & drop
  • Built-in learning portal

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