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SoFi Building Portfolio Sustainability Management is a unique sustainable real estate module that has been designed specifically for asset managers to benchmark building performance, increase energy efficiency across the portfolio and comply with green building certification standards.

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As the movement of green building and corporate sustainability reporting is gaining speed, investors, developers and owners of large real estate portfolios are facing questions from various stakeholders about the sustainability performance of their assets. Many investors are pushing for more relevance and standardization in real estate portfolio sustainability reporting using benchmarks such as the GRESB survey.

thinkstep Consulting Expertise for Building Portfolio Sustainability

With our combined expertise in green building and sustainability reporting we help you create transparency with regard to the sustainability performance of your buildings, and lay the foundations for future reporting requirements. We have developed a benchmarking methodology based on international standards to compare the environmental performance of specific buildings and portfolios (“green building scores”) so you can make the right portfolio decisions.

SoFi Software Solutions for Building Portfolio Sustainability

SoFi software solutions increase efficiency for local data capture of building energy, water and waste. Automatic data aggregation and validation provide a reliable database for central analysis, benchmarking and reporting:

  • Automate data capture from ERP systems and meters
  • Analyze building portfolios down to the meter level for energy-efficiency and other indicators
  • Ready-made sustainability reporting framework with automatic updates for GRESB surveys and other standards.
  • Benchmark single buildings and portfolios and identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions, energy use, water and waste

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