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Sustainability reporting  -  the practice of measuring, disclosing, and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders – is becoming the norm amongst companies around the world. Driven by increased regulations as well as investor and customer expectations, companies are faced with multiple reporting questionnaires, standards and rating organization. Meanwhile, the need for measurable, comparable sustainability metrics is growing.

thinkstep Consulting Expertise for Sustainability Reporting

thinkstep’s experienced sustainability consultants are directly involved or partnering with leading sustainability standard bodies such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the ISO 14000 series and many others. thinkstep is also a founding partner of the SASB Enterprise Resource Platform Program. That’s why we are in a unique position to assist you in evaluating past performance, assessing environmental and social risks and developing an outlook for the future. We help you engage stakeholders with credible sustainability information, so you can advance your organization’s sustainability performance and strengthen your competitive advantage.

SoFi Software Solutions for Sustainability Reporting

SoFi software solutions help you achieve speed and scale in your reporting and minimize manual data entry. Feature highlights include:


  • Faster time to disclosure with streamlined data collection, auto-complete disclosure and workflows.
  • Ready-made sustainability reporting framework with automatic updates for GRI, CDP, GRESB and other standards.
  • Includes the latest industry standards for SASB.
  • Audit-proof reporting for relevant standards delivered on the click of a button.
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SoFi Software is the world’s first to be certified to GRI’s new G4 reporting framework.

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