Solution Implementation Guide

Implementation Guide for Carbon & Sustainability Software

Corporate climate change reporting is becoming increasingly mainstream and public. Faced with scrutiny from stakeholders, including investors, regulators and consumers, companies need to ensure data quality and accuracy. Many companies still rely on their manual data collection process, data management and analysis techniques. As carbon reporting matures, however, spreadsheets are growing increasingly complex and becoming cumbersome, prone to error and an increasing burden on resources.


Carbon management tools can transform data collection and analysis, helping organizations to meet their sustainability goals faster and improve the accuracy of reporting to stakeholders. By achieving their sustainability goals, companies can enhance reputation while controlling costs through lower energy billsand automated information management processes. Further savings are generated by liberating resources from labor intensive manual processing. It’s a classic problem sustainability is a core part of a company’s business strategy, but relevant teams seem to be spending most of their time and money producing a sustainability report rather than implementing change.


A well implemented carbon management solution vaguely resembles a financial accounting system; it penetrates the entire organizational structure, and integrates with existing processes and systems. A challenging task, and many organizations struggle to achieve the enterprise grade solutions needed to
transform their approach to sustainability.

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